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Tour Guide Spotlight - Egypt Ali Ahmed "Smiley Pharaoh"

When you decide to take that bucket list trip to Egypt, I have the perfect guide for you. Ali works for Wonders of Egypt, an Egyptian tour company specializing in tours throughout Egypt. Ali and his team have many different tours available. He's got connections everywhere so you will really feel like a VIP. Our team communicates with Ali and his team while you are in destination to make your travel experience hassle free.

His English is PHENOMENAL and his CV is impressive. When you meet Ali you will find a young man that LOVES what he does and is passionate about his Egyptian culture and history.

I started communicating with Ali immediately after booking my excursion to the Giza Pyramids. What I didn't know at the time is that I would be making a long time friend and business partner.

Ali has over 15 years of tourism experience.

He has worked with the American Embassy in Cairo and the Egyptian Tourism Department. He is reliable and dependable available via WhatsApp whenever we have questions or need tips. He is a natural leader and treats his team members with the upmost respect.

When I met Ali in person I was immediately drawn to his genuine charismatic personality.

As you can see in this photo it's as if we have known each other forever. Instant friends!

He has a bachelors in Tourism and Hotels from Cairo University and is currently working on his Masters with goals for a PHD. I referred to Ali as a walking Egypt encyclopedia. He was so passionate when story telling about ancient Egypt and dropped fact after fact. I wish I had written everything down in a note book.

We will be hosting an Egypt Tour zoom session soon with Ali where he will be available to tell us all about Egypt and answer any questions you may have about your future Egypt adventure.

Things Ali can facilitate when you travel to Egypt:

  • Roundtrip airport transportation with expedited service. It didn't take more than 15 minutes each time to make it from the gate to the car and vice versa.

  • Covid PCR test required for return to the US (January 2022)

  • Tours with roundtrip transportation from your hotel.

  • Will shoot all of the necessary photos with your smart phone to capture your adventure

  • Immersive learning about the culture and history of Egypt.

You will not find a better experience! I am so happy to be able to offer his services to my clients.

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