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How This Works

Our agents strive to make your vacation planning as stress free as possible.  You are on this page because you are interested in working with The Agency Chic.  We know that there are countless options on the internet when it comes to planning your upcoming trip.   We are so thankful that you have decided to get to know us more and gives us an opportunity to help you reach your travel dreams.  

Still have questions? Check our our FAQ page.

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Each journey and experience should be unique to match your personality and travel style.  Our process starts with a detailed survey to help us get to know your travel style.  Once we get to know you and your travel dreams we will send over an agreement form where you can agree to work with us for your upcoming trip.

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Prepare for Take off

This is the stage where your travel advisor is narrowing down selections and options based on your travel wants and needs.  Once you come to an agreement on your travel plans your advisor will take care of every aspect of getting you booked and confirmed.  All you have to do is pack!


Cleared For Landing

Once your trip is confirmed you start your vacation countdown.  We will connect you with the best resources to ensure you are prepared to travel.  During this stage we will plug in activities and unique experiences to create the perfect travel plan for you.  Your advisor will be with you every step of they way until you return home.

Ready to Start Planning Your Vacation?

Ready to start planning your vacation?  

Fill out this inquiry form or schedule a free consultation today. 

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