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An Overnight Desert Safari Experience in Dubai - A Solo Female Traveler Point Of View

I have just recently returned from an overnight desert Safari experience in Dubai and I am confident it has changed my life forever. The staff at Premium Heritage Safari go above and beyond to provide you with a top level luxury experience from the moment they arrive at your hotel to pick you up for your adventure. Meet Moussa, my guide for the first portion of this trip.

Moussa picked me up in a modern luxury Range Rover. When he arrived at my hotel in downtown Dubai he already had 3 passengers on board. 3 beautiful female explorers from Lebanon. It was the universe that united us 4 female travelers from different corners of the world. We immediately bonded and the entire experience felt like it was meant to be ours to enjoy together.

Moussa was attentive to our every need and want. I was chatting with the group about how I had seen my first camel race on live tv that morning. Moussa states with excitement, "that's actually along the way". I didn't think anything else of it until we got to the location where the actual race was taking place. He took a short detour and let us see the area around where the camel races were taking place.

After our detour we were on the way to the Platinum Heritage Safari campground. Once we arrive we were greeted by the staff at the grounds. We collected our shemagh and the staff helped us put it on our heads the proper way. The shemagh helps protect your hair and face from the desert sand and sun. Once we were all wrapped up, we walked over to our vehicles for the tour. There is an assortment of 1948 vintage Land Rovers in excellent condition. Why a vintage Land Rover? They are a critical car to the Heritage of Dubai and the Bedouin people.

The safari begins with a tranquil yet exciting ride through the desert. On the ride we saw the national animal, the Arabian Oryx, in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve(DDCR). You will also get the opportunity to see the Arabian Gazelle and if lucky a Sand Gazelle. When you purchase your ticket for this amazing adventure, a portion of the ticket price goes to the DDCR. Platinum Heritage is the first and only desert safari company in Dubai to offer wildlife drives instead of dune bashing. Their tours are conducted by guides on set tracks in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. The guides are properly trained and offer a plethora of information and facts about the location and the animals.

Along the way to the camp site you will also have the opportunity to stop at various places for opportunities to capture some amazing memories and soak up all the beauty that the desert provides. The Platinum Heritage staff will be there to photograph the moments, but your guide will also act as a personal photographer using your own smartphone. Mousa, our guide, took these three photos.

The team also captures all of your memories and adventure via drone. At the end of the evening you will be able to purchase a video to keep with you for ever.

Once we were done with our safari we drove up to a site where the falcon show was supposed to take place. We had a quick opportunity to have tea and juice, before the rain started coming down. Because of the rain, we didn't get to see the falcon show at that location.

Instead we drove up to the site where we had dinner, watched the authentic bedouin show, and where the overnight lodging is.

At this location we were also able to do our camel ride.

We finally did get to see the falcon show at that same campsite.

The 4 course meal left nothing to be desired. I will say my favorite part was dessert of course! I tried Arabian donuts for the first time and absolutely loved them.

The universe worked in such a way for me that at the end of the night my guide informed me I was going to be the only guest spending the night at the camp! WOW! I was completely overwhelmed with gratitude at the opportunity to experience all of this by myself. I was so surprised to hear this.

In all of my travels as a solo female, Dubai is honestly the safest place I have been to thus far. When I told friends and family that I was the only tourist staying overnight, some started to panic. I assured them that I was not alone, that I was with the staff at Platinum Heritage all whom acted in the upmost professional manner the entire time they interacted with me. That evening I was blessed to hear a few storms pass by over night. It was such a magical experience.

A rare rain storm in the desert where I was the only guest being treated like royalty.

I would highly recommend (highly recommend) that you upgrade your experience to the overnight stay if it's available. Here is a quick look at your accommodations. It is glam-ping not camping.

In the morning I woke up to watch the sunrise with Houston, my overnight guide and morning ride back to my hotel. He stood with me telling me more about the Bedouin culture and everything the desert has to offer. After the sunrise the staff served my custom prepared breakfast. It was chilly in the morning as I visited Dubai in January which is winter for them. I suggest bringing pants and a nice warm sweater for the morning.

Here are some more pics of the camp site where you participate in the evening and overnight activities. These photos were taken early in the morning.

My ride back to the hotel a 1975 Land Rover Defender.

Meet Houston! An amazing guide and story teller. You are in great hands with the staff at Platinum Heritage Safari. Moussa and Houston became family.

On our ride out we saw some friendly faces walking around <3 Shukran! Platinum Heritage Safari for an unforgettable experience. Number #1 on the list of adventures I have done. Keep up the great work! I look forward to sending clients your way for years to come.

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