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Can a woman travel solo to Dubai? I did and here is how it went.

When I told my friends and family that I was taking a solo trip to Dubai most of the responses were very similar. It went like this. You're crazy, make sure you stay safe, you are so brave, is your husband going? I didn't doubt it for a moment that I would be ok. My experience was much more than ok!

Dubai is one of the safest places in the world for solo female travel. Not once did I get a feeling of being uneasy or not feeling safe. I galavanted through Dubai for 4 days. My hotel was located in the downtown Dubai area, conveniently located just a short Uber ride from any of the major tourist attractions. Taxi transportation is less expensive in Dubai, but I didn't want to deal with price haggling or having to pay in their local currency. With Uber you can use your debit/credit card as if you were home.

When traveling to Dubai as a solo female traveler, I recommend following the same safety precautions you do when traveling alone in your local area. Stay alert, follow the local laws, avoid dark sketchy alleys, etc. I know for most women traveling to Dubai the number one questions, is what do I wear? Dubai is very progressive. You will see women dressed in different fashions ranging from modest to fun outfits that show some skin. I would err on the side of caution and pack attire that will make you feel comfortable if you find yourself in a restaurant or room with just local people. My attire was all smart business casual and I felt comfortable 100 percent of the time. Not once did I find or notice anyone starting at me.

When going into religious places you will need to be dressed appropriately. We went to visit the Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque and was able to use the garments in the dressing room to be in appropriate attire for the visit into the sacred mosque.

I ate at the Hard Rock Cafe twice by myself and everything was excellent. I also went to the Dubai Mall and ventured for hours without any issues. I went to Festival City twice and watched the fountain show. I did a 5 hour city tour of Dubai, I spent the night in the desert with Platinum Heritage Safari where I was the only tourist that spent the night and felt completely safe. You can read more about that experience here

I hope this post inspires you, a solo female traveler, to adventure out to Dubai. You can contact me if you want assistance planning your trip. I'd be happy to help with your air, hotel, tours, photo shoots, and restaurant suggestions.

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