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Getting On The Ship for first timers - The Norwegian Way

Embarking on your first cruise can be exhilarating yet daunting, especially when it comes to navigating the embarkation process. Fear not, for aboard Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), embarking on your maiden voyage is a seamless and stress-free experience. Join us as we unravel the intricacies of the embarkation process, specifically tailored for first-timers sailing the Norwegian way. From check-in procedures to stepping foot on the ship, we'll guide you through every step of the journey, ensuring a smooth transition from land to sea. So, let's embark together and discover the ease and excitement of boarding your NCL cruise ship for the very first time.

  • Boarding - If ship sails at 3pm or later, boarding starts at 12:00pm

  • Check-In - Check-in times vary by ship and port. Check-in time is set up differently by Port Services and depending on when the ship is cleared, guests may be able to check-in to board before noon. We advise you are on there latest 2 hours before sail time.

  • Boarding Time in Ports of Call In all ports of call, it is also the guest's responsibility to be back onboard the ship no later than one (1) hour prior to the ship's scheduled departure time. Please be aware that shipboard time may differ from the port of call and it is the guest's responsibility to follow the shipboard time. In the event a guest misses the ship, it will be the guest's responsibility to pay all expenses incurred to rejoin the ship.

General Boarding Procedures
  • Upon arrival at the pier, the guest is greeted by a Norwegian Representative. The agent offers information and assistance to any guest who requires special handling.

  • As the guest enters the registration lobby, an agent will direct them to the appropriate counter for check-in: VIP categories, Latitudes, Special Assistance (guest with special needs) or Regular check-in. The agent will have any necessary forms should the guest require them.

  • Porters are available to handle luggage at the pier (at guest's own expense).

The Norwegian check-in representative will:
  1. Welcome the guest.

  2. Scan your edocs and necessary forms.

  3. Review citizenship documents of the guest (e.g., passport, a state issued birth certificate with photo ID). Failure to submit proper documentation will result in the guest being denied boarding.

  4. Register credit card or other form of authorized payment in order to open up the on board account.

  5. Process the guest's documents confirming stateroom number, pulling the ticket and initialing the documents upon confirmation.

  6. Complete the boarding pass with stateroom number, take photo and issue key cards. These cards serve as the stateroom key, On board Credit identification and boarding card.

  7. Explain boarding directions and answer any inquiries.

The Haven and Suites Check-in

All ports have a priority guest check-in line. 

For an optimal embarkation experience with Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), I highly recommend considering the Priority Package for boarding. This option offers a plethora of benefits designed to streamline your journey from check-in to stepping aboard the ship. With Priority Package, you'll enjoy expedited boarding, bypassing long lines and minimizing wait times. Additionally, you'll have access to priority luggage delivery, ensuring your belongings are promptly delivered to your stateroom. Furthermore, priority embarkation provides early access to onboard amenities, allowing you to start your cruise adventure without delay. Embrace the convenience and efficiency of the Priority Package, and embark on your NCL voyage with ease and peace of mind.

Guests who purchase Norwegian’s Priority Access, will receive priority embark/debark/tendering and other amenities onboard. 

The package includes:

  • Priority Security, Check-In and Boarding

  • Priority check in line at pier and express boarding

  • Tender Priority (off the ship, where applicable)

  • Priority tendering from ship to shore

  • Standard Room Service Breakfast Menu

  • Guests can order breakfast room service only, every day of the cruise at no cost

  • Priority Debarkation at the end of the cruise

  • Guests will receive special luggage tags indicating priority status

  • $50 per person Spa Credit 

  • To be used on services on Port days only (to be booked on onboard)

  • Canapés on day 2 of the cruise

  • Guests will receive 1 tray of Canapes 

The Package is available fleetwide at the prices listed below:  

Sail Days

Price in US Dollars (USD) per Stateroom

based on the length of sailing

3 to 5 Days

$129 USD

6 to 9 Days

$199 USD

10 to 15 Days

$279 USD

16+ Days

$329 USD

If you are one of our clients please contact us to add this to your upcoming NCL cruise.

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