How Important is Travel Insurance Today?

Travel Insurance is the MOST important component of any upcoming travel plans. You may think to yourself, "I've never needed insurance before" or "I'm young and healthy, I don't need it" or "the airlines are giving credits, etc". While all of those statements may have been true, or are true today, travel insurance is for those moments you do not expect.

Here are just 3 examples in the past two days of clients that didn't want the insurance and wished they had purchased.

Scenario 1: Family of 6 booking a long awaited trip. Didn't feel they needed insurance. We discovered the had 3 passports that needed renewals. They waited until they submitted the passport applications with expedited service that guaranteed the would have it on time. Fast forward to 4 days before their trip with no passports in hand. After they submitted their applications the passport control office announce processing was now taking 12-18 weeks!!

They did NOT expect that to happen. A cancel for any reason insurance policy would help with that scenario. They would only be out the cost of the insurance but would get back the cost of their trip. Without the insurance they would be forced to keep a future travel credit minus penalties.

Scenario 2: Mom and new fiancee taking a long awaited adults only trip to Punta Cana. They checked schedules of all 6 kids 1, 2, 3, 4000 times. They finally found dates that worked. 4 days before the trip mom gets a call that son blew out his knee at football and will need surgery the dates that she's scheduled for her trip.

They NEVER thought this would happen. We don't expect things like this. An insurance policy would help them recover the cost of the trip, so that they can reschedule for another day. Their trip was in full penalty phase and they are out over 2K for this trip.

Scenario 3:

Girls Trip to Paris Scheduled. Airline and hotel confirmed and paid in full. First airline cancels the flights because of covid restrictions in their home country. Client has to pay full out of pocked for new tickets and await a refund from the previous airline. Same client now is nervous boarders will close because of Covid-19 spikes and the Delta Variant.

She was lucky enough that she could still buy the policy. Now if something changes or her trip gets canceled she is covered.

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