Stop waiting for a friend and go alone! Pre-packaged 18-30 something getaways!!

With our new and exciting partnership with G-Adventures we are offering pre-packaged trips catering to singles or friend groups ages 18-30 something.

Flexibility and freedom and the opportunity to say you have BEEN THERE!

Which one of these adventures grabs your attention?

  • Hawaiian Adventure: Beachin' & Boardin'

  • Paris to Barcelona: Tapas & Train Rides

  • Oahu and Maui Adventure

  • Medellín to Bogota Adventure: Coffee & Salsa Sounds

  • Paris to Budapest: Waterways, Wine & Bohemian Vibes

  • Nepal: Mountains and Temples

  • The Best of the Big Island and Kauai

  • Thailand & Vietnam: Mountains & Coastlines

  • Vietnam: Roadtrip Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City

  • Havana Cuba Mini Adventure

  • Sri Lanka with Maldives Cruise: Spice Gardens & Seasides

  • Laos Mini Adventure

  • Spain, Portugal & Morocco: Tapas, Medinas & Sunsets

The above list is just a short list of the adventures already curated and ready for you to book.

What adventure is what you are craving next? Don't have friends that are ready to travel? That's an easy fix! Go by YOURself! It's your world after all! Live it on your own terms.

These adventures are catered only to you!

The chance to feel like you are seeing the world for the first time, EVERY TIME - the way YOU want to see it. You will make the most of your time with itineraries that let you bring on both culture and nightlife (with just enough time in between), stay in off the beaten path places, and once in a lifetime connections every where you go.

All of the above mentioned experience include a your first night out moment.

Your First Night Out Moment

Connect with new friends on the first night out in a new destination. This will be an opportunity to be social and encourage the group to get to know each other while also experiencing a hot spot over a couple drinks (at their own expense). Don't drink alcohol? No problem! Our CEOs (Chief Experience Officer) will find travelers that don't drink a local drink without alcohol - no problem! These Moments are about creating and building the connection between travelers, drinking optional :)

Here is an example of one of the accommodation styles available to you. Jucy Snooze in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Contact us today to learn more about these adventures.

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