Planet Hollywood Costa Rica Teen Review June 2021

My parents and I have traveled to many destinations over the past years. We have seen many hotels and resorts and cruise ships. We enjoy traveling, and we are always researching for our next vacation. Our latest adventure was traveling to Planet Hollywood, Costa Rica in June of 2021. Planet Hollywood was my second all inclusive resort, and it was a great experience. The resort had a ton of fun experiences to offer. The second I laid eyes on the resort, I knew it was going to be a great vacation. The fun and relaxing vacay started from the minute we stepped onto resort grounds. Everyone was so welcoming and there was never a moment where I felt as if I were not on vacation.

The Planet Hollywood resort in Costa Rica was by far my favorite resort my family and I have ever stayed in. The service was incredible. The workers assisted us in great detail as they made sure we received everything we asked for and more from the minute we arrived to the very minute we left. As we entered the resort we walked the red carpet and we were greeted with drinks. It felt as if I were actually on a red carpet in Hollywood, and everyone was clapping for us. The entertainment staff did an impressive job with putting together shows for the different nights. The shows were very creative and the talents were quite impressive.

I was very impressed throughout the entire trip. Most adults know how hard that is to accomplish these days with teens having access to so many things. The lobby was gorgeous. There were many chairs and tables to make guests feel comfortable. I was impressed with the Star Class services Planet Hollywood had to offer. Our personal rider Fernanda, was amazing and booked all of our dinners for us. She even booked our Covid tests. She was so sweet and checked on us all around the resort to make sure we had everything and that we were content with our stay. There was a Star Class lounge and a Star Class pool. The lounge offered food and drinks to those under the Star Class package. I had one of the best donuts ever from that lounge. The private pool was also nice. There were waiters and waitresses walking around to help us with food and drinks. The decor around the resort was so cool. It was awesome getting to see props from a lot of different movies.

The resort had many excursions and activities to offer to families. For teenagers, I would say the most enjoyable activities and excursions would be jet skiing, zip lining, ATV rides, and a visit to the Diamante Eco Adventure Park. The resort also puts on a different show every night. These shows included a night at the Grammys, a Michael Jackson show, a fire show, and a silent disco. I love dancing, so the silent disco was easily my favorite event. The dj’s played awesome music and everyone had a great time. There was also a sports lounge where my family and I played billiards.

The resort also offers poolside cabanas that have small pool with jets. The cabana also includes a butler for food and drinks. This was a super cool experience and I highly recommend it. Ivan, our butler, took time to learn our names and make sure we were happy. He also made me alcohol free beverages for me to try. I felt very relaxed in the sun and it was overall a great experience. The resort also had a kids water park with slides and fun water activities for the smaller kids. Planet Hollywood has something to offer for every age. They also have a fitness center where the guests can work out to make room for some more of the delicious food and deserts. Another reason why this resort is great for kids is that there are movie characters that walk around the pool area throughout the day. They talk to guests and are always willing to take pictures.

The resort is located on a mountain so the rooms, main lobby, and pool area were not leveled. Instead of having to walk down or up the steep walkways, Planet Hollywood offers carts that are driven around 24/7. They arrive every 10 minutes. They were on top of arriving on time every day. This service is great especially for the tired kids who would prefer not to walk back to their room. There is also a phone at almost every stop, so if the carts were ever not on time, you could call for them to let them know you need a ride. This is another reason why this resort is very detailed to perfection for its guests.

Planet Hollywood had a wide variety of food available at their restaurants. There was always something for everybody. The food was delicious at every restaurant. The buffet was the perfect way to start the day with breakfast. I'm definitely a tough critic when it comes to what food I like and what food I don't, but Planet Hollywood definitely passed the test. They had almost any popular breakfast dish you could think of. The Guy’s Burger Joint was perfect for lunch by the pool. Each dinner restaurant was different. They varied from Italian, Mexican, a steakhouse, Hibachi, and sushi. The food was equally fantastic at every restaurant. The Italian restaurant had many fantastic pastas. The steak at the steakhouse was phenomenal. It was soooo good! The Hibachi was excellent, we were offered a little bit of everything and nothing disappointed. The Mexican restaurant had a killer beef fajita with some delicious mashed potatoes. Everything was so delicious! I never wanted to leave the restaurants. The service was just as amazing. Everyone was so polite and made sure the food was perfect. They made sure we were happy and often checked in on us. The smoked drinks were so cool. I had a smoked Shirley Temple and it was the best one I have ever had.

One of my favorite attributes to this resort would be the black sand beach. It was amazing to see the tide change throughout the day. You could walk for miles and still continue to be mesmerized by the gorgeous view. One of the coolest parts was being able to see so many different animals in their natural habitats. The purple seashells laying around were so pretty. It was awesome to see the little hermit crabs running on the sand. We saw many iguanas which was super cool. We were standing so close to them it was almost unbelievable. My parents and I walked alongside the beach for a long time. It was absolutely gorgeous. We could even see monkeys playing in the trees, it was awesome.

During my stay in Costa Rica I spent a lot of my time at the pool. There were dance parties by the pool. I also went jet skiing and visited Diamante. Jet skiing was amazing. It's always nice to experience a good thrill. Diamante however, was my favorite activity from my entire trip. My parents and I saw many animals including sloths, butterflies, and talking parrots. My favorite experience in Diamante was being able to hold hands with two monkeys. They were so adorable and melted my heart. Diamante is perfect for all ages as it has ziplines and other fun activities, not just the animal enclosures. They also offer all day and half day experiences. There were so many different animals to see. This part would be perfect for inquisitive little kids who love animals.

I would definitely recommend this resort to kids and teens traveling with their families. Planet Hollywood has a wide variety of activities for ages which makes it enjoyable for the entire family. It’s perfect for kids of any age, and it is equally as perfect for the parents. The personal riders from Star Class help to make for a great, stress free, vacation. This property is especially perfect for vacations since it is located right on the beach. It is perfect for those who seek adventure and love nature. Costa Rica is a gorgeous country and the view from Planet Hollywood proved that. The mountains were gorgeous and were like no other. The resort is very well put together and the theme is awesome. The staff and atmosphere will make for a great vacation for families of any kind.

Costa Rica June 2021 Pura Vida!

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