Travel Designed By The Agency Chic was founded in 2015 by Maria LaDuca with the goal of establishing a truly exceptional Travel Agency in the Pocono, Pennsylvania area. Our team of experienced agents are passionate about making our clients happy, and we go above and beyond to ensure superb customer service.

Since we opened our virtual doors, we have dedicated ourselves to planning trips that provide our clients with beautiful memories for years to come. So whatever type of trip you’re dreaming of, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch today and we’ll take care of the rest.

Places I've been in 2021?

Puerto Rico, Cancun Mexico (2X), Universal Studios Florida, Costa Rica, Cabo San Lucas.

My favorite adventure to date?

Greek Island Cruise from Venice Italy.  We stopped in London and Paris before we made our way to Venice to jump on the ship.  We visited Santorini and Argostoli Greece, Croatia and Montenegro.


Making Travel Easy



Travel Agent

Hi, I'm Amy! I joined Maria and Agency Chic as a travel specialist because I have always had a love for travel. From camping and exploring as a child with my family to cruising, island hopping, and checking off places on my bucket list as an adult. I have grown, explored, expanded my horizon, met new friends, learned about other cultures, enjoyed amazing food, and created life long memories all thanks to traveling. My life motto is "I don't want to collect 'things' I want to collect valuable experiences and extraordinary memories". 
I also have a passion for planning, organizing, research, and logistics. I've worked in the hospitality industry, event planning, and many retail positions over the years. Combining my passion for travel with my years of experience in event planning and the hospitality industry has been a great decision. 
Since I can't travel the world year-round, I want to help others plan their vacations. Because the best gift you can ever give is an amazing vacation filled with great experiences and moments that will take your breath away. 
Currently aside from working at the agency, I am taking a few classes. I live in central Florida with my husband André and our two fur babies Clark and Bruce. My free time usually consists of finding a new area to explore and for André to get some drone footage while I read a great book.



Travel Agent

Aloha, I’m Bianca! 
Born on the island of Oahu, with a mix of the Caribbean, Puerto Rican to be exact, makes me just a tad bit different. Raised in New York and moved to New Jersey as a teen and have resided here ever since. 
For 10 years I have been in the ophthalmology field, I have always loved helping others. Since I was a teen I knew I wanted to be in the medical field. I’ve scheduled surgeries, been in the OR, head technician, the right-hand assistant. Patients are always so thankful to have their sight and I’m happy to be able to help in their treatments. 
Seriously, who knew I would enter the travel industry?!? I was once scared to fly, scared to cruise. In fact, I was scared to travel as a whole. My father instilled his strength and fearless lifestyle in me, and with his help, I was able to put those fears behind me. 2019 was a life changer, I actually got on a cruise ship. Shortly after cruising with my family, I had the only epiphany to help others get out and travel the world. It brings me pure joy to customize a vacation specifically for each client. To travel is to live! So Let’s travel the world.


Jess Caez

Travel Agent

Hi I’m Jessmarie! I joined The Agency Chic to be able to share my love for traveling with everyone I know. Alongside my husband and 2 kids we love to travel, meet new people, and explore together. Born in Puerto Rico but Located in Connecticut.  I have worked in Dental for over 20 years and just as I love helping patients reach their smile goals, I can’t wait to help you reach your travel goals.


As a dental office manager, a baker by choice at night and now a travel agent. I am blessed to be able to do everything I love to do.

Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.



Travel Agent

My love for traveling adventures started early! As a child I lived in three different states, and my mom was always quick to explore and find the coolest things for us to do and see. ‘Road Trip!!’ was our battle cry. I became obsessed with maps and had a pretty major collection of them. After marrying my college sweetheart, his US Army job took us to Germany. We traveled through Europe EVERY chance we got. Our love of history has led us to visit some of the most amazing locations! As a mom to two competitive soccer players, I’m still looking for the coolest spots wherever our games take us.  

I became a travel advisor to help people navigate the multitude of options and find the perfect trip. Whether an extended family vacay or a couple’s weekend getaway, I love the challenge of helping my clients find something to make a trip unique. 

It’s a big world out there, spin the globe and pick a spot! 



Travel Agent

I’ve worked in the hospitality industry since I was 16 years old. Working my way through college. Always unsure of what I wanted to do but knowing that I loved working with people. I’ve worked in restaurants, hotels, and then took on a whole new adventure... education. One day a colleague told me that I should be a flight attendant. I applied and 8 years later... I’m a flight attendant and I absolutely love it. I love traveling the world, meeting new people, trying new food...and wine. It’s been the most rewarding and thrilling experience of my life. I figured becoming a travel agent and sharing my travel hacks with others just made sense. It’s fun getting to see my clients take that wine recommendation in Greece or pizza spot in Venice. Come fly and vacation with me!


Brenda Barragan

Travel Agent

Introducing Brenda Barragan! The newest agent on our team at The Agency Chic. Brenda joins us from the west coast. Located in the LAX area. She is an avid cruiser and world traveler. She is ready to share her experiences and expertise with her clients.

Her last trip included stops in Rome and Athens.

Here is a photo of her at the Eiffel Tower!

Welcome to The Agency Chic Brenda!